Chisolm’s Mills Camp

This secluded home is positioned on the edge of a rocky ridge overlooking a shimmering forest of birch and beech trees. The setting is one of serene privacy for this weekend retreat while also maximizing the view of its natural surroundings.




2,150 sq.ft.


Roslin, Ontario


Custom Residential


New Build, Private Home; Architecture & Interior Design


Completed 2020

The design plays off the form of the existing landscape, hugging the ridge from the northeast approach while appearing to hover lightly over the slope edge when viewed from the southwest. The house is oriented to capture morning light in the master suite, while common areas such as living, dining, kitchen and outdoor patio are cast in sunlight from mid-day through to sunset. The house also features a second floor viewing loft, where a spectacular view of the western sunset can be enjoyed both from the interior and from an expansive roof terrace.

The interiors are finished with a simple and rustic palette of warm wood materials, including exposed roof joists, and painted gypsum walls, allowing the interiors to form a discrete frame to the view which surrounds it. The house is in construction and expected to reach completion in fall 2020.

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