Golden Ravine House

This multigenerational home sensitively balances public and private areas. Entry into the house is staged through both implied and real barriers that gradually lead to very private areas that are at once open, fresh and secure. The house is stretched against pivot points to take advantage of views, the topography, and principles of passive design.




Approx. 8,500 sq.ft.


Thornhill, Ontario


Custom Residential


New Build, Private Home; Architecture & Interior Design


Completed 2020

The design process was completed in very close collaboration with the owners and the plan of the house is organized to reflect the family’s values and lifestyle, invisibly screening the private living areas from the rooms intended for social gatherings.  

Interior finishes are simple and elemental: exposed concrete, extensive interior planting, warm woods, and translucent curtains. 

The site imposes itself through a steep drop to the Don River in the southwest corner, which is approximately 10m below the grade of the house. 

A desire to integrate the house into the site led the design of the landscaping and pool: stepping down in a series of terraces they eventually disappear into the dense, tangled forest of the ravine. The elements of the building also become terraces and overhangs, sliding over and under each other, binding the house to the site.

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