Our Studio

We are a strategically minded architecture and design studio.

We are part of a growing movement that recognizes the need for collaborative architecture, design, art, and strategy to help transform our world and make it more equitable, intelligent, and inspiring.



Our Essence


We draw inspiration from diverse influences to create with purpose.


Competence is our currency; nothing substitutes for asking smart questions.


We are open-minded and interested in what others think and know.


Culture is our context and your priority; we’re invested in elevating it.


We know that nothing is separate and everything can be connected.


The ability to sustain attention to the goals of any design undertaking is the secret to creating meaningful interventions and fostering the relationships that connect people across the space of problems.

Join our workshop

We are serious about building an amazing team. If you’re interested in contributing your energy, ambition and talent, send an application package to careers@designworkshop.ca

Future Workshop

Our work often moves outside of the conventional discipline of architecture. Click the link below to discover the strategy and innovation work of our sister company.

Organizations we’re part of

We are active members of many communities. The opportunity to facilitate communication and foster partnerships is a big part of why we work.


Want to hear from us occasionally? (Seriously, just a few times a year.)